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Treatment Access and Services Center (TASC) is a not-for-profit organization committed to combating the problems of chemical dependency and mental illness.  Focusing on a recovery oriented model of care, TASC provides a central point of intake, evaluation and referral for public clients of Berks County who are in need of drug and/or alcohol treatment services.  TASC also provides Case Management services for chemically dependent and mentally ill clients.  These services are described in more detail below. 


TASC also provides services for those involved with Penn DOT/Court Reporting Network (CRN).  These evaluations are mandated by Penn DOT for any person who has been charged with a DUI in the state of Pennsylvania.  Clients with a DUI offense in Berks County will be referred to TASC for a CRN evaluation.  CRN appointments are scheduled in advance. 


TASC operates their Drug Testing Facility at the St. Joseph's Hospital Community Campus located at 145 N 6th Street in downtown Reading.  After referral and registration, clients participating in drug testing should call 610-208-4681 to receive instructions and reporting times. 


Procedure for Drug/Alcohol Evaluations


TASC is Berks County’s Central Intake unit.  We provide intake and referral services for anyone that has lived in Berks County for at least 90 days.   


TASC operates on a first come-first served basis.  Our office hours are Monday through Friday 8:00 am through 4:00 pm.  No appointment is needed. 


Am I eligible for TASC services?

-If you are a Berks County resident with no health insurance, or you are insured through Medicaid, you are probably eligible for services at TASC.


What can I expect on my first visit to TASC?

-Every time you present to TASC for services you will be greeted by the receptionist and asked to complete a behavioral health screen (the form asks for general information such as your name, age, gender, referral source and etc.). 


How long is the intake process at TASC?

-Since clients are seen on a walk-in basis, your wait time may be longer than 1 hour.  Staff is available at 8:00 AM.  A pre-screener will start the intake process with a short interview, they will verify your identity, and sign the intake forms.  You will then be allotted a slot to start your Full Assessment. 


(The full assessment time varies from 1 to 3 hours and it is used to determine the Level of Care recommendation). 


What forms should I bring to my first appointment?

-Proof of Residency

-Proof of Income


Adequate documents that prove that you have lived in Berks County for at least 90 days include:

-A State ID or Driver’s License

-A letter from the referring agency

-A utility bill or credit card statements

-A letter from the Court or Probation Officer. 


Acceptable documents to prove income include:

-Recent pay stub

-Recent bank statement

-Unemployment Compensation eligibility letter

-SSD/SSDI award letter

-Proof that your health insurance does not provide coverage for Substance   Abuse/Behavioral Health.




There is no cost for the assessment services that we provide.  Part of the intake process includes a determination of insurance eligibility.  If you accept our Treatment recommendation you will complete a liability form which will determine what your co-pay will be once you are referred to a Treatment facility/Treatment provider. 


Treatment Recommendations


Our qualified evaluators are trained to recognize the different levels of chemical dependency.  Possible recommendations may include detoxification, inpatient treatment (rehab) and various levels of outpatient treatment.  Because of demand and limited public funding there may be a time delay between referral and actual admission to treatment.  Because of this TASC also operates Pre-Treatment Group Sessions to help clients bridge that gap. 


Case Management Services


TASC provides Mental Health and Drug/Alcohol Case Management Services.  Case Management services are free to enrolled clients and are funded by Berks County MH/MR, Council on Chemical Abuse, the Bureau of Drug and Alcohol Programs, the County of Berks and the PA Department of Public Welfare Office of Mental Health and Substance Abuse Services. 


Clients are referred to TASC for Case Management via mental health professionals or Drug and Alcohol Treatment providers (therapist, doctor, etc.)


A TASC Case Manager is a trained professional who performs much like a social worker who will listen to clients and coach and support their efforts by helping to provide access to such problems as housing, employment, basic needs, access to welfare and/or Social Security benefits, transportation, budgeting, access to legal assistance, access to education such as GED or Adult Basic.   You may not be eligible for all services but the case manager will work hard to get you linked to all eligible services. 


For more information about TASC Case Management Services contact us at 610-375-4426.



Additional Information


TASC works closely with the Berks County Council on Chemical Abuse who provides a vast amount of information and resources regarding addiction prevention, treatment and recovery.  Their website is