Treatment Access and Services Center (TASC), Inc. is a drug and alcohol central intake and treatment referral agency licensed by the Pennsylvania Department of Drug and Alcohol Programs (DDAP) under the auspices of the Council on Chemical Abuse (COCA), the Single County Authority in Berks County. Originally founded in the 1980s as Treatment Alternatives to Street Crime as part of the national “war on drugs” movement, TASC became incorporated in 1992 and changed its name to better reflect its mission of guiding as many individuals as possible into substance abuse treatment services.

Operating on a walk-in, first come, first serve basis, TASC provides drug and alcohol clinical assessments to individuals who do not possess private health insurance, or who are publicly funded through Medicaid. Following the clinical assessment, TASC secures funding and placement in the appropriate level of care, namely, detoxification, outpatient, or residential treatment.

In addition, TASC provides urinalysis testing for the Court of Common Pleas, Blended Mental Health Case Management, and Recovery Support Services, a peer-to-peer outreach program that offers support to individuals as they navigate through the early stages of recovery. Recently, TASC joined hands with the Reading Hospital Center of Excellence in operating the Warm Hand-Off program to assist opiate overdose survivors in accessing treatment and recovery services. Working from the hospital emergency room, TASC provides intervention services on a 24/7 basis to any individual who wants help for a drug or alcohol issue.

Encountering over 6000 requests annually for drug and alcohol treatment services, through the efforts of its dedicated staff and Board of Directors, TASC saves thousands of people from the devastating effects of addiction each year.

The Intake Process at TASC

Do I need an appointment?
No. Except for special circumstances, TASC does not accept appointments. TASC operates on a walk in, first come, first serve basis. Our doors open at 8:00 AM, Monday through Friday.

Am I eligible for TASC services?
You must provide verification that you have been a Berks County resident for at least 90 days.

What if I have private health insurance?
TASC does not provide services for individuals with private health insurance. We only provide services for individuals with Medicaid or no health coverage.

I don’t know if I’m eligible for Medicaid. Will TASC still see me?
Of course. TASC will determine your eligibility, and help you complete a Medicaid application.

What can I expect on my first visit to TASC?
Each time you present to TASC for services you will be greeted by the receptionist and asked to complete a behavioral health screen. This form asks for general information such as your name, age, gender, and referral source. It also asks what drugs you are currently using (including alcohol), how much, and how often. This preliminary  information alerts our evaluators on whether or not you require detoxification services prior to rehab or outpatient treatment. You will also be required to complete paperwork, including consent forms and right to privacy. All services are confidential.

How long is the intake process at TASC?
Depending upon the level of care that is recommended, the intake process can last between 30 minutes and 2 hours. For a detox referral, a screening interview takes approximately 30 minutes. For rehab placement, a full clinical assessment requires up to 2 hours. A placement for outpatient counseling may take between 1-2 hours.

What forms should I bring to my first appointment?
You need to bring verification of both residency and income.

Verification that you have been a Berks County resident for at least the past 90 days can be accomplished by providing any one of the following documents:
• A PA State ID or PA Driver’s License with a Berks County address
• A letter from your referring agency (i.e. BCCYS, APO, PBPP, etc.)
• A recent utility bill or credit card statement
• A letter from the Court or your probation officer

Verification of income can be accomplished by providing any one of the following documents:
• Recent pay stub
• Recent bank statement
• Unemployment Compensation eligibility letter
• SSD/SSDI award letter
• Proof that your health insurance does not provide coverage for Substance Abuse/Behavioral Health treatment

Case Management Services
Upon completion of your assessment and treatment referral, the TASC clinical
evaluator will ask if you are interested in Recovery Support Services (RSS). This is a free service in which you are assigned a case manager to assist you in staying clean and sober. All of TASC’s case managers are persons in long-term recovery who have overcome many of the obstacles that you are currently experiencing. Similar to recovery coaching, RSS is a peer-to-peer service of recovering people helping individuals who are new to addiction recovery. We assist with transportation to AA/NA meetings, legal, financial, and medical appointments,  and help you attain food, clothing, and shelter. We’ll share with you our experience, strength, and hope, as you start your new sober lifestyle. You don’t have to go through early recovery alone. TASC’s case managers have been there, and can help.

For more information about TASC Case Management Services contact Karen Ferguson, Client Services Supervisor, at 610-988-0683.

Additional Information
TASC works closely with the Berks County Council on Chemical Abuse who provides a vast amount of information and resources regarding addiction prevention, treatment and recovery.
Their website is:

Board of Directors
Dr. Jonathan Kremser, President
Pastor Tom Scornavacchi,  Vice President
Suzanne Baer, Treasurer
Helen Wooten, Secretary
Dan Heydt
Wendy Seidel
Justin Bodor
Lew Freeman
Pastor Tom Scornavacchi
E. Ceasar Salamo

George Kovarie

Mark Stone

Nikki Schnovell


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